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$12 per small bag. Each bag contains 10 to 15 pieces of raw Shungite.


Shungite is an ancient stone, believed to be almost 2 billion years old. Shungite was formed when there were no life forms on earth, deep within the earths crust. The main deposit of shungite on earth comes from the Zazhoginskoye deposit near Lake Onega in the Shunga region of Karelia, North West of Russia.


These are some of the benefits of Shungite:


- Assists in evolving spiritually
- Restores emotional balance
- Powerful protective stone - shields the wearer from negative energies of  all kinds, including psychic protection
- Removes negative energies and thoughts
- Shields from harmful electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) from cell  phones, computers, Wi-Fi, cell towers, TVs, etc.
- Provides healing on all levels: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.
- Cell rejuvenation
- Catalyst for growth and transformation
- Increases personal power
- Raises vibration
- Grounds energies to the earth




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