Chakras: Third Eye/Crown


Rainbow Aura Amethyst is formed through the bonding of gold and titanium with amethyst crystals. These stones have the same beautiful energies of amethyst combined with the vibrant, energizing properties of the rainbow aura.


Useful for assisting in the release of negative emotions, particularly resentment and grief, as well as cutting past karmic ties which may have been dragging you down in the present.


These crystals resonate with all the energy centers in your body, clearing out any stuck or blocked areas, and allowing you to enjoy and see the positive side of life. They are great for meditation and astral travel.


Enhance Happiness and Joy.


Although the process for creating these aura crystals is not carried out within the earth, they are made of ‘all natural components’ with no man-made or synthetic additives such as dyes.


$7 per each crystal. Shape and size will vary. They are about 1 1/2 inches long.

Rainbow Aura Amethyst