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Chakra: Root

"The Ancient Stone Nuumite is of volcanic origin formed about 3.8 billion years ago, making it one of the oldest stones found on Earth. It is also one of the rarest stones, as it is only found in one place in Greenland.

Nuummite has extremely powerful energy. It is a very protective shielding stone that can protect you and your home/environment from all kinds of negative energy on the physical, etheric and emotional levels.

Nuummite helps remove energy blocks. It clears and heals the aura, filling holes and repairing tears in the auric field. It harmonizes intellectual thought with psychic and intuitive wisdom, and supports inner vision and clairvoyance. 

It is helpful for grounding both the physical and etheric bodies, and it can draw energy from the etheric body to energize the physical."


$7 for each stone. 


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