Each child is born with their unique qualities and traits. They each bring different gifts, abilities and challenges. Having your child's astrological chart made and interpreted  will help understand their personalities, behaviours, relationships with you and the world, and how to inspire and motivate them. 

Your child’s natal chart will include the positions of the planets, sun and moon at the time of their birth. This will show you how the sky looked from where you gave birth at the child’s birth moment. Each of the planets has a different function in your child’s chart.


Astrology is a wonderful tool to understand and guide our children to be themselves and shine their beautiful light! Always empowering them to be their own master of their destiny and life.


I will also provide you with suggestions and ways to help them in their journey.


You will receive a chart and report as well as a 2 hours zoom meeting with me to explain the chart.

Child Astrological Chart and Report