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Family Healing

sessions PACKAGE:

Through this process, you will identify the problems, blockages, and patterns that are tied to your family lineage, how to process and heal them to improve the different relationships in various areas of your life.

  • 3 Family constellations sessions (up to 3 hours each) 


Mindful Yoga  PACKAGE:

  • 5 private Yoga classes with guided meditation via Zoom or in person (1 hour each) 


Self-Discovery session using Astrology PACKAGE:

By having your chart reading, you are able to gain more perspective, clarity and new insights about yourself, your strengths, abilities and your purpose in life.

  • Astrology Reading chart (90 minutes)

  • Learn  the encrypted codes that are inherited from your family system


Massage  PACKAGE:

  • 3 Massages with Reiki, Sound healing and Crystals (60 minutes)


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