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"Everything about this soul is authentic. An honor to be in her presence weekly."🙏🏼♥️

- Lilian Murray 

"It is a pleasure to hear Zinnia and all the knowledge she has to share. She is very good at entering every soul with her kindness and all the techniques she knows and uses. Whether you like yoga or astrology or want to experience light language, Zinnia is the right choice."

- Be Lona

"Zinnia is wonderful! She organized a smooth retreat, made everyone feel welcomed and she was flexible if plans needed to shift a bit. Her closing circle was so heart warming and empowering!"

- Ana Bedolla

The retreat in Mt. Shasta was powerful and life changing for me.  I was able to connect with my higher self and raise my consciousness to help me get in touch with who I really am.  Shasta is a magical and peaceful  place surrounded by nature.  I feel blessed to have been part of this retreat and I can’t wait for the next.   I would definitely recommend it.  Thank you @zinniahealingyoga for this beautiful and unforgettable experience. 

- Claudia Douglass

This was such a magical experience. Connecting with beautiful like minded people. The Cacao ceremony was so high vibration I could feel all our ancient ancestors celebrating, connecting with mother earth. The tour in of Mt. Shasta was amazing going on the hikes visiting the high vibration locations. Then star gazing was amazing connecting with our galactic families shooting stars and breath taking views.

- Ivan Perez


"I really enjoyed Zinnia's Retreat. From the morning yoga to exploring the caves and waterfalls. My greatest take away was to get out of my comfort zone and truly connect with a higher state of consciousness. I can't wait until the next one! I know I won't be disappointed." Namaste

- Melissa M.


"What can I say... It was simply magical! Whatever words I use here cannot begin to describe the experience.. Beginning the day with the morning yoga and meditation. Exploring the depths of the mountain's mysterious caves. Feeling Mother Nature's gentle and healing touch at the waterfalls. And the beautiful show of stars in the night sky. Most importantly the great connection I felt to everything and everyone there. Inexplicable. I'm ready for the next adventure."

- Herman P.

"Wow thank you so much! Your energy reading definitely resonates and explained part of my heart chakra energy - I have felt this missing/unknowing feeling for some time now. I looked at your recommendation of the green moss agate and its healing benefit were so aligned to the things I have been calling in. I plan to find a necklace with this crystal and wear it near my heart. Thank you for your kind words and beautiful offering! I appreciate it very much!

- Melissa Roberts

"LOVE your energy reading!! Highly resonating. Thank you so much for this. This is such a thoughtful and much needed work in our world. I would love to learn more about crystals and general resources you offer!"

- Rita F

"From the bottom of my heart, thank you!!! Your gift came at a time when I needed guidance. Sending you love & peace!"

- Y. Cellino

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